Galapagos Islands On A Budget

When visiting Ecuador you need to find your way into the galapagos islands

One thing you notice when you arrive on one of the three main islands is the roar of the sea lions and especially the young sea lions you hear often crying out for their mother’s breast milk. Important note: Never ever touch the young sea lions because they can be rejected by their mothers. 

Island hopping is a great alternative for the expensive cruises which are being offered. Exploring the beautiful lava landscapes, walking in a forest, and seeing the Galápagos tortoise walk freely, spotting the Blue-Footed Booby birds and grab your snorkel, mask, and flippers and play around with sea lions and explore the underwater world. 

Galapagos Tour

Explore South America

Visiting The IGUAZA Falls in Argentina and Brazil

Bolivia - Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

Peru - 5-day trek to machu picchu

Bolivia - Rurrenabaque

You think swimming in the Amazonas in the same water as the cayman and piranhas is not possible? When the pink dolphins are around, you can swim with them and the cayman and other animals you don’t want around when jumping in the water will stay away, at least that was the case when I visited Bolivia’s pampas. It really is breathtaking exploring the Amazonas by boat and spotting monkeys and all sorts of birds, no jaguar for us, but if you are lucky you can find one. 

Chile- Valparaiso

Chile, the country where I stayed for the shortest period of time. Unfortunately, but I had Carnaval planned and was a bit in a rush. After some bad weather in the North of Chile and not being able to travel further because of floods, I finally made my way further South. Valparaiso is about a 1,5-hour drive from Santiago and is well known for its artistic character. The city is filled with amazing street art and boutiques all over. The building in the photo was my hostel, how cool is that! 

Colombia -Tatacoa Desert

Colombia, my first country in South America, and wow, Me Amo Colombia. So many nice people, great culture and beautiful places. One of those places was the Tatacoa desert, about 7 hours away from Bogota. I stayed in a tent near the desert and rented a mountain bike, sooo Dutch, to bike around the Desert and watch the beautiful red rock formations. 

Tatacoa Desierto

Brazil - Carnaval in Rio!

The Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro

De Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí is a purpose-built parade ground in the center of Rio de Janeiro for the annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro. What an experience this was, I hope your legs are well rested if you reserve a place for the Sambódromo because you will be standing for many hours. During the show different samba schools compete against each other and the top samba schools will have a change to perform during the Main Schools’ Parades! This was one of the most memorable moments in my travels. Very impressive to be able to experience this party once.