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Malaysia - Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

Bagan - Temple Exploring

Japan during cherry blossum period

You don't want to miss out on this!

Although this photo only includes one cherry blossom tree, I really like the contrast with the huge building in the back. This, in combination with the perfect blue sky, makes it a photo I often look at. 

When to visit ?

Every year the cherry blossom, or as the Japanese say: Sakura, is flourishing throughout Japan around spring time. The eruption of the beautiful cherry blossum happens between mid-March and early May. It is important to keep an eye out for the forecast, you can find a forecast here. 


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Ninh Binh - Sunset
Hoi An - Boat tour at night
Ha Giang - The motorbike loop
Seoraksan National Park

South Korea

Visiting the border with North Korea, hike in the national park of Seoraskan, sing karaoke in Seoul or visit Jeju-Island. 

Jeju Island - Starbucks
At the border of North Korea