Driving around in Salta

Argentina has so many beautiful places. I only spend a few weeks and went from Mendoza towards the far north around Salta. If you have the option, find yourself a group of people and rent a car, there are many nice sceneries around. Please read more about it below! 

Wear a helmet, espacially on your way back 😉

Mendoza - Wine & Bike

When I arrived in Mendoza from Chile, there was one thing that was definitely on the to-do list. My manager, when I worked in a hostel in Lima, is from Mendoza and she told me that I had to do a wine tour around the area. What better, as a Dutch person, to do the tour with the bike! If you want to do everything self-guided, grab the train to Maipú, and from that station, you will be able to walk to the bike rental companies. I went with Wine and Ride just off the train station. I opted for the mountain bike because I like biking around on it. Make sure to check the bike properly before you hit off to visit the vineyards. 

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