About me

Hi, nice to see you found your way knowing a bit more about me. I am Sander Boet, 29 years old and from the Netherlands and obviously love traveling. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Sportmarketing, I was far from ready to start working full-time. After two long travels and being away for more than two years I have some stories and travel tips to share with you!

Why traveling?

The real urge for traveling the world started a while ago already. In the Netherlands you have a programm that is called: 3 op reis. Different presenters travel around the world to show you the beautiful and sometimes undiscovered places. 

While writing my thesis in Amsterdam, I talked a lot with one colleague about doing a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. Australia has always intrigued me. I always used to watch Bondi beach and thought it would be a cool place to visit. And so it happened, 9 months after finishing my thesis I took the plane to Melbourne for my first big adventure…

Traveling for me is a way to get out of my comfort zone, trying to overcome certain anxieties. It sounds a bit cliche, but traveling has not only brought me to beautiful places, but has also made me a stronger person.

Seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world, getting to know new cultures, a small tour with 10 people on a boat at the Great Barrier Reef or 3 days alone in the mountains of Peru with everything in your backpack. Everything has its charm and I hope my blogs while inspire you.

Ready For My First Trip

First trip: ''As blue as a boy can be!''

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